Sears Roebuck Shotgun Serial Numbers

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I'm not StoneChimney but I hope you put on't thoughts if I post some info StoneChimney hasn'capital t published for very a while and it is certainly a reduction for the discussion board. He had been knowledgeable and his response were a valuable resource. Any how, your TW 300 can be a Winchester 1400 and has been produced from 1964 and 1968, your TW 200 is definitely a Winchester 1200 and was sold by Sears, fróm 1964 until 1988, it is definitely nevertheless in creation. I can discover neither design on the various serial number charts that are usually obtainable to me., probably because they are modern weapons and not considered valuable such as the aged Winchester Lever Actions and pre 64 versions. To satisfy Sears' price series both versions used less expensive difficult timber for the stocks and much less polishing off on both the exterior and inner metal.

Sears and roebuck Winchester model 53A serial number. Sears and roebuck Winchester model 53A serial number U1646. Double barreled shotgun from Sears and Roebuck. Sears & roebuck m200. This is a discussion on sears & roebuck m200 within the Shotguns forums, part of the Gun Forum category; does anyone know if theres a database for the serial numbers for date of manufacture?

Sears Roebuck Shotgun Serial Numbers. Sears Ranger Shotgun Serial Numbers. How old is a Ranger Sears and Roebuck 12 gauge shotgun model number 102.25 Where do.

This is certainly why they provide much less that the parent versions at selling period, they are nevertheless Winchesters except in surface finish and name. Wish that helps.

I appreciate the assist so the TW300 had been only produced from 1964-68 that quite significantly narrows that. Thé TW200 from what I possess been reading through around had been made from like you stated 1964 until 1978 with Ted Williams title on it. Others condition they sold about 82,000 a yr therefore by that if accurate my two TW200's were produced in 1967-68. Which would match up the story by the retailers which link them to the mid sixties.

But Stoney seemed to understand how to time the TW's by barrel or clip program code which would be the very first individual I have operate across with that level of knowledge on TW's. Thanks a lot for the help everyone! I'm not really StoneChimney but I wish you wear't thoughts if I blog post some details StoneChimney hasn't posted for quite a while and it is definitely a reduction for the community forum. He had been educated and his replies had been a useful asset. Any how, your TW 300 is definitely a Winchester 1400 and has been made from 1964 and 1968, your TW 200 is usually a Winchester 1200 and had been marketed by Sears, fróm 1964 until 1988, it is nevertheless in production.

I can find neither design on the different serial number graphs that are usually available to me., probably because they are usually modern weapons and not considered treasured such as the previous Winchester Lever Activities and pre 64 versions. To meet up with Sears' price collection both models used much less expensive difficult timber for the stocks and less finish on both the exterior and inner steel. This is definitely why they bring much less that the mother or father versions at purchase period, they are usually nevertheless Winchesters except in finish off and title.

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Wish that helps. Click on to broaden. Stoney mentioned that there has been no way for him to date Model 200s and 300s. But from information from many websites like this and tracking sales, and stories of authentic owners who kept in mind the year of buy I can quite much get close up on the TW200's i9000, The ones I possess with 295xxx 296xxx are usually produced in 1967. One some other issue I have got learned is that the very first calendar year 1964 model barrel was inscribed with simply a print kind Ted Williams instead of a signature bank and maybe 1965. I will simply keep watching auctions and learn.

I fact every product offered in the Sears Sports activities Section from 1964 until 1978 experienced the Ted Williams title on it from guns, ammo, to outboard engines to tackle containers. Ted Williams was authorized by Séars in 1962 to evaluate and test and improve all items obtained by Sears at there large testing storage place. The Guns Forum is on on-line neighborhood for all weapon enthusiasts. Join us to discuss weapons of all types, gun add-ons, legal problems and more. Membership is definitely free of charge and we accepted all varieties of shooters, whether you're a beginner or a pro. Come for the details, remain and create some close friends.

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I put on't believe Sears ever marketed a Pre 64 Design 53. Could end up being incorrect. Wng-2, having a Sears brand on it doesn't cease it from being a very good hunting weapon, how ever in the market place they market for 15 to 20 percent much less than if it has been roll runs Winchester.

To fulfill Sear's price tutorial lines, cheaper real wood was utilized ( Birch rather of Walnut ) much less polishing and inner finish and checkering that has been pressed rather of cut, but in the final count, a Elk, if strike pillow, would in no way know the distinction. You did mention the range, sorry, I missed it. I would speculate it's value at about $325 - $375 or therefore (inquiring cost and offering price are quite various). Please be suggested, I feel no professional at putting worth's on guns.

That is what I would pay for it, should I need like a rifle. As I said, I am not expert, but will list a few thinks I would think about if i had been purchasing it. Advantages - flexible cartridge looks clean scope sling a full rig prepared to go Negatives - Sears (not completed like a Winchéster/Winchester would end up being completed) plain jane share I'm not really a extractor, and there will be someone that collects everything, but I'd state it provides limited enthusiast value. Precision (barrel or clip) my $.02.

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