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Has no model numbers on the bass only a serial number. [ATTACH] [ATTACH]. Home Forums > Bass Guitar > General Forums. Help identifying Samick / Greg Bennett. Can anyone tell me how old my Fender Squier Strat is? The Serial number. By Samick so Saehan(Sunghan) used V instead (Saehan(Sunghan) made the Vester guitars). Ibanez guitars have used serial numbers since the mid 1970s. Some sources say the practice started in September 1975, but serial numbers indicating production as early as October 1974 have been spotted. The serial numbers are generally a character string containing letters and numbers, although some are purely numeric.

May 23, 2013  samick guitar serial numbers just to. Generally the first two digits in Samick instrument serial number is the. You can remove your neck and check.

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Also notice and for assist determining when your guitar was made (especially useful if there will be no serial number). Note: Any guitár with a seriaI number with thé prefix 'SI' is certainly Indonesian-made. Note #2: Guitars with no serial number were created at many different occasions. Samick top quality models do not start making use of serials until around 1987. Also, the Indonesian stock did not make use of serials from it't starting in 1992 until around 2000.

However, there had been furthermore some Korean Musician Collection Strats made around 1995-1996 with no serial numbers, and numerous Korean-made Japanese Market models experienced no serial numbers as well. Items Electrics Earliest recognized serial number, Summer 1984 (manufacturing number pale aside).

Samick first started making use of serial numbers on Hondos and some other contract brand names in 1984 (their home brand versions did not make use of serials until 1987), making use of the following format: YMMPPPP Con = Calendar year Michael = 30 days G = Manufacturing Number Example: 8030768 = 768th guitar produced in March of 1988Iin 1988, occasionally the file format had been YYMMPPPPP because of high production volume. Example: 880510504 = 10,504th guitar produced in May of 1988Many electric guitars produced around 1985 have got a serial numbér with the structure: 120PPPP or 110PPPP Example: 1201387The significance of this format is unknown.

Samick Guitars Serial Numbers

It can be commonly found on versions, among others. These serial amounts are effortlessly identified as a whitened sticker with a dark border, generally discovered on the back of the héadstock or the back heel of the neck of the guitar. Becoming a sticker, many are ripped off or put on off over the years. If this is usually the case, the just other way to time your guitar is by searching for a date ink-stamped on the aspect of the original box switch. August 31, 1987 However, as 1990 contacted, the use of one digit for the year introduced the problem of repeat serial amounts. Around this period, the serial numbers became a bit capricious, as they had been foreseeing out a fresh program.

The 'H' prefix also first made an appearance at this period. YYMMPPPP SYYMMPPPP Illustration: 90080084 = 84th guitar produced in Aug of 1990Another file format found around this time (probably just for global models): Sl YYPPPPP 1991 Sitting-650 serial Semi-Hollow models (at this period) use a various format, and the serial is definitely found on the brand inside the best f-hole. YYPPPP(P) Illustration: 902703 = 2,703rd semi-hollow guitar produced in 1990Bolt-neck models started having the serial number engraved into the neckpIate in 1987. They held the exact same file format, so the decade is driven by the design of neck plate. (Note: The new design do not show up until May 1990) 1980's.

1994, creation number 10,904 At the turn of the centuries, bolt-neck versions kept the same structure and neckplate style, therefore these guitars must be out dated by their logo design style and additional features. Around 1992 (although some illustrations have been recently discovered with stickers as late as 1993), all set neck versions switched to a siIk-screened serial numbér on the back again of the headstock with an 'H' prefix: SYYPPPPP Illustration: Beds9207374 = 7,374th (collection neck of the guitar?) guitar produced in 1992While agreement develops always integrated the préfix, it wásn't always utilized on Samick brand name electric guitars.

By the end of 1993, the month (Meters) returned to the file format, and by 1994, the year was reduced to one digit: SYMMPPPP Instance: S i90004030482 = 482nm guitar made Walk 1994Finally, by at minimum Might 1997, the year returned to two numbers: SYYMMPPPP Instance: S i900097040076 = 76th guitar made Apr 1997 SPG utilizes the préfix 'KS' (Koréa, SPG) on versions, with the file format: KSYYMMPPPP Illustration: KS14070456 = 456th guitar produced Come july 1st 2014On models, the using format will be used: KSGYYPPPPPCurrent SPG-built versions use the préfix 'US' with thé exact same file format. Before middle of the-2013, they used the 'KS' prefix. Extremely early models still utilized the 'H' prefix and some furthermore utilized 'R' or 'Ur9'. SPG-built Comins versions use the prefix '1ES' and the file format: 1ESYYPPPP Acoustics Acoustics usually followed the format: YYPPPPP(P)or: YYMMPPPP Exclusions.

Hondo Guitars During this exact same period, the firm began to step up the quality of its guitar production. Samick produced a shared enterprise with Texas-based International Music Firm (furthermore recognized as the Organization). Hondo lI SD Curlee Thé fresh company presented modern U.T. Production methods to the Korean marketplace, while acquiring benefit of the low-wage level in Korea to offer inexpensive, entry-level electric guitars.

Hondo originally produced a line of traditional and folks electric guitars. By 1974 the company's electrical guitars acquired acquired a level of high quality and became one of the largest selling entry degree brand names. Hondo added and autoharps to their item line up. By the finish of this decadewas selling almost 800,000 equipment per calendar year. And in 1973 Samick was varied in its creation and transformed its name to the Samick Musical Equipment Mfg.

Samick's i9000 thrust was the move market, especially the United Areas. To help this, a department office was opened up in 1978 in Los Angeles Ca. The lower creation costs of Korean-manufactured device made them appealing to entry level buyers. This had been especially genuine in the keyboard market since expenses of US made pianos acquired increased. In reality in 1979, Samick was developing the Schumann keyboard brand name for US households.

During these years, the Korean musical technology instrument industry had caught up to its main competition, Asia, and credited to lower construction cost acquired overtaken them. The Squier brand name was developed in 1982 and earlier on all production was structured in Japan. The 1st Squier electric guitars to come out from Korea began as early as 1986. You can figure out if your Squier was made by Samick had been through its seriaI number that started with an “S” or “S9” implemented by six numbers. Samick began manufacturing of Squiers in 1989. M-72 In the 1990't Fender had obtained the brand name name.

Samick Guitar Serial Number Checker

Originally this brand was launched in European countries. In the late 1990'beds, Fender provided DeArmond guitars for purchase in the United States.

By 1986 Gibson Guitars was acquired by Harvard MBAs, Henry Juszkiewicz, James Berryman and Whilst gary Zebrowski, purchased Gibson/Epiphone fróm ECL/Norlin. Thé brand-new owners acknowledged the importance of the Epiphone brand name and how the corporation could be sent to fit the achievement of various other Hard anodized cookware guitar brand names. Samick built Epiphone Joe Move During this period, the new owners of Gibson opened up an office in Seoul to watch over production of their items. Not really all had been manufactured by Samick.

Samick guitars serial numbers

Manufacturing plant processes had been evaluated and processed and Epiphones personal engineers got a hands-on function in the advancement of pick-ups, bridges, toggle changes, and stress inlays, simply because properly as special functions like the metallic E logo design and frequensator tailpiece. One technique of determining if your Epiphone guitar has been made by Samick is its serial numbér.

There may ór may not really end up being a stock program code. There may be no stock designator for some versions produced in 1993 and earlier yrs.

Like Epiphones, Samick tools generally start with an “S”. For example S3021234 will be a sign of Samick-S-1993-3-Feb-02-unit 1234. If it starts with SI, that indicates it has been made by Sámick in there lndonesian vegetable. Presently Samick creates, (a spending budget brand) and (also a spending budget brand).

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