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Add Rmy Martin XO Excellence Cognac to your wishlist and browse our Brandy & Cognac selection with Member reviews. Remy Martin XO Excellence is a blend of over 300 cognacs (like Remy Martin Centaure, also 300, and to compate: Louis XIII has 1000 different eaux-de-vie in the blend). 85 per cent of these are from the region of Grande Champagne, and the remaining 15 per cent from Petite Champagne. You're reviewing: Remy Martin Cognac XO How do you rate this product? * 1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars; Value: Quality: Price *Nickname *Summary of Your. Cognac, France- Remy Martin XO is a masterful blend of over 400 eaux-de-vie from the two finest-quality vineyards of Cognac and aged up to 30 years in French oak casks. Aromatic, opulent and velvety, with a wide spectrum of stone fruit notes, hints of hazelnut and cinnamon.


Here comes a review about a properly known Fine, possibly one of the nearly all popular in the globe: The strong rich hues of Brilliance capture the lighting as it twinkIes through the cup »”>cognac glass. But perform the promised pleasures reside up to the expectations on real tasting? Well, the fragrance is definitely more than enjoyable, with spicy tones and a fairly floral tinge adding to the expectation. And on drinking this of Great Bubbly cognac the quite first matter that hits are the almost decadent wealthy yet mellow tones. This is definitely certainly a smooth cognac, serious as the taste becomes even more complex the more you keep it in your mouth. The velvety structure creates delicate suggestions of fig, fresh oranges and additional fruity hues. And there's i9000 certainly a tip of cinnamon in there as properly.

It't definitely a cognac fór those who like to tease their taste pals, and the flavor lingers comfortingly on your taste buds for a lengthy time after it'beds swallowed. Remy Martin XO Quality is certainly a blend of over 300 cognacs (like Remy Martin Centaure, furthermore 300, and to compate: Louis XIII provides 1000 different in the blend). 85 per coin of these are from the region of, and the staying 15 per coin from Petite Bubbly.

All of these are usually antique between 10 to 37 years producing this an X0 of the highést quality. Remy Martin represents this as ‘the flavor of excellence.' WeIl, we've long been lucky more than enough to taste some rather exceptional cognacs.

But as XOs proceed, we're impressed with this one. Selling at a cost of around €100-160 a container, it's á cognac for exclusive events you might want to buy once, twice a season - but our judgement is definitely that Remy Martin XO Brilliance is definitely one worth attempting. You simply might want to keep it for specific occasions. Still, don'testosterone levels ignore that you are usually paying the of.

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Joe 2012-02-01 Tesseron better then this XO in taste a poster here states?NO Method.I possess tried Tesseron 53 simply because well as own a complete container of Tesseron 29!The smell, complexity, stability and taste of Remy XO blows them both will require about 30 minutes to breath, enable the alcoholic beverages to spread out.(Though Tesseron 53 though is definitely better after that 29, which I would have understood before purchasing the 29)I do find that -Remy Premier Cru- is definitely a SUPERIOR product over the regular Remy Martin XO Excellance. Much less woody, sweeter, lighter in colour and will be simply just that much much better, and my COGNAC of selection after purchasing lots of additional brands!

This Cognac unlike say remy extra or Louie, desires more period to breath and is usually not really the exact same in high quality but closer after that you would visualize!! Norman 2012-01-08 Got a bottle of Remy Martin XO specific last calendar year as a present from a dear buddy.Ser# D22465. I opened up it and got some. I went to possess a snifter this night time and the cork collapsed. Thankfully I possess a strainer and could obtain water without the cork contaminants.Should not happen with a product as expensive as this.There can be no gain access to to the company on this web site that I could find.

They require to be informed and I require to obtain to query them about a container I just obtained for my són-in-law.Lousy product. 700md / 40% 3 499 € Tasting review: Eyesight: Heavy amber, sensations of magic Nose: Flowery yet lovely, soft fruity perfume of peach and melon. Ideas of marzipan and nut products Palate: Orange bloom, woody spices, evolving into peaches, walnuts, and cinnamon. The end is very long and lingering, with sensitive hues of grapes, lovely oaky piquancy, and fleshy smooth fruits Sampling review: Vision: Deep amber, sensations of magic Nose: Flowery yet sugary, smooth fruity fragrance of peach and melon. Ideas of marzipan and nut products Taste: Tangerine. 700ml / 40% 139 € Tasting evaluation by Dobbe Cognac: Affluent, velvety flavors and records of jasmine and candied orange colored, harmoniously combined with a refined tip of toasted brioché. With its brilliant mahogany color, it creates true pleasure and a wealth of nose from carefully-seIected cognacs.

It is usually well well balanced and its elegant end can stay on the palate for upward to 15. Tasting evaluation by Dobbe Cognac: High, velvety flavors and information of jasmine and candied orange colored, harmoniously merged with a delicate touch of toasted brioche.