Radom Model 35 Serial Numbers

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I am OFFERED BY a friend a F.B.RADOM VIS Mod 35 Pat.Nr 15567 ss. Note that the original markings are shallow and easily removed along with the slide acceptance WaA 77 markings normally present. Buymilsurp.com Polish Radom VIS Model 35 9mm Pistol (Grade III German Vis). Proof and quality marks and five digit serial number were stamped on the slide.

Hi Guys, pitiful to but within. I possess a problem, I simply took ownership of a Radóm Vis 35 P35(g) based to the description; take down latch, decocker, slot machine for prolonged stock, it provides the waffenamps márking, WaA77. This informs me it is a Quality I (kind I) 1st collection of Radom produced during the German born profession 1939-1940.

So the serial number should become Axxxx tó Dxxxx. The Radóm I possess provides all complementing serial amount.

The dilemma is definitely that the serial amount will be a 3 digit serial number (numeric) No prefix letter. Can any oné of you assist me on this?


I'michael attempting to recognize why this Radom provides only a 3 digit as a serial number.becoming from the German born occupation.and it's not really because the notice is certainly erase or put on away.the pistol can be in great condition. Gents, as much as I know (could end up being incorrect - gained't end up being the initial period), there are usually just 2 textbooks on the P35 - the very first by Robert Bérger(1981) and the 2nd by Terence Lapin (2004). Brief of any other information, I refer to those two books.

Radom Vis 35

This will be partailly a extension of an swap RedHat and I got a month or so ago. There seems to be no recognized standard regarding 'Sorts' of G35s and in reality neither Berger or Lapin refer to 'Varieties'. Berger refers to Team 1 (Pre-War with Poish eagle), Group 2 (early battle thru SN At the8000), Team 3 (mid war - SN At the8000 thru approx Z5000) and Group 4 (late war - SN Z5000 thru K9000 including some P35s produced entirely by Steyr in Austria) - after Z, they started over with the alphabet, so there are some late war P35s with SNs that appear to be early production, but the pistols are clarly different. Berger states that when the Germans required over the FB factory and restarted production in 1940, they began with SN 1 and proceeded to go thru 10000 before beginning the alphanumeric SN system (AXXXX, etc). If that is certainly true, after that one can just believe that M Connery's P35 with only a 3 digit SN with no letters is one of those earlier pistols.

Today, mentioning to Lapin's book, he classifies G35s into just 3 groupings (zero sorts): Early War (1940-42), Mid War (1943-44) and Late Battle (1944-45). Lapin claims that the Germans began with SN 001 and carried on thru 12000 before heading to the alphanumeric (AXXXX) program. Okay, so one professional states 1-10000 and the some other says 001-12000. Considering the damage of the time and the 23 yrs difference between the writing of the two publications, its close up sufficient for me. I think it will be safe to state that M Connery's P35 is an early-earIy-war (pre aIphanumeric SN) and whiIe it may not really have the pre-wár Polish eagIe, it is definitely possible, probably even likely that it can be constructed from parts produced before the war. One last factoid of attention.

Berger apparently had some discussions with P Wilniewczye, one of the P35 designers prior to his passing away and Wilniewczye said that in contrast to popular belief, there had been NO involvement of Belgian FN technicians in the design of the P35, so the tale that the P35 was based on the BHP design is certainly without advantage. There is no query that some design aspects of the 1911 car were included into the P35 and Wilniewczye (try out typing that 3 times) mentioned they do borrow some details from the 1911 because by that period, the patents on the 1911 had been expiring or experienced expired.

Lastly (almost) - RedHat, regarding our prior trade on the issue of 'Forms', I still can't discover any consistent definition of 'Varieties' for the G35. Plenty of definitions, but no consistency, therefore if we are usually disappointed that we have a Team 2 (Berger's i9000 description) G35, we can use Lapin'beds definition and say we have got an 'Early War' design. And LASTLY for certain, if Robjams can be still out right now there, back again in Drive, I said I didn't think any of the G35s acquired blued barrels, but I discover I had been mistaken. Based to Berger, some (not really many) of the earlier Group 2 pistols got blued barrels and recoil spring assemblies.

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Would end up being fascinating to know if J Connery's P35 provides a azure barrel or clip. I'n state that can be a rare P35.

I understood that all Polish P35 (with Polish Eagle) experienced numeric serial number. When the Germans required the FB stock, what I grasped is that they began with alpha-numeric serial numbers. What you are usually saying sounds correct and can make a lot of feeling. I read through some where that the initial team of Germen job G35 (with decocker, take-down latch and shoulder stock slot machine, slide markings: “F.C. Radom VIS Mod.

Waffenamt approval tag and “P-35(g)”) that they produced, was around 60,000 of them. From SN: Axxxx to At the8xxx and plus, what your stating, the numeric oné SN:0001 to 10000 or 12000, that would create it best about the 60,000. From what I know, Germen where really consistent and I would suppose that serial numbers of P35 under no circumstances went even more after that 4 digits (we.at the.: 9999 or A new9999). By the way, I perform not have got a blued barrel on my P35, in no way the less, I'meters very happy with it. Thanks for the information. Connery - There can be a little bit of uncertainness wrt yearly production numbers (at least between the two main reference books).

Lapin states there were about 60,000 created in 1940 (001-12000 plus A0001 - Dxxxx) - thats something over 50,000, but once again, close enough. Berger says German creation at FB in 1940 has been only 12,239. I believe we have got to take into account the fact that Lapin's publication was composed after the Metal Curtain emerged straight down and he had accessibility to much more details than Berger do (presumably). As for the Germans regularity, Ich habe géarbeitet im DeutschIand (i worked there) and the Germans are usually nothing if not meticulous and consistant. I believe that with both 'professional' authors declaring that the early German production SNs began at 001 without the notice, mainly because illogical as that may become, it will be probably dependable.

Perform you have got the holster? I do and mine provides the runic SS letters stamped within. While I may know a little abóut the Radom G35, I understand much more about the Holocaust, especially the connection Radom (the city) and the G35 possess to it.

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