Mab Model D Serial Numbers

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Gun reads MAB Brevete Model D. Copy of explanations given by the director of the MAB about the serial numbers of the MAB pistols. Model C/D – 7,65. Sep 12, 2015  The serial number of the MAB D pistol - First serial numbers by model (until 1958) - Chart of some serial number prefix letters.

Look under 'MAB' and it says to appear under the 'French military going.' Sure more than enough, there will be is. Re also the above, I have got never observed a single in.380; could they have got been produced post-GCA '68 for U.Beds.

Both the France law enforcement model and the German ones were in.32 ACP, the second item would not have been recently in.380 because.380 ammo had been not really in the German military/police supply system. FWIW, I notice a couple of mistakes in that area. The Design 1935A had been not really blued, it was black enameled, and I have got never seen 1 with solid wood holds, checkered or normally. /celtic-frost-prototype-download.html. The Model 1935S had been never produced in.32 ACP or.380 ACP, it has been made only in 7.65 Norwegian Long.

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Mab brevete model d serial numbers

It had been blued, not enameled. The Design 1935A will be, to my brain, one of the neatest seeking and nicest pistols to keep that I possess ever noticed, nearly like some Norwegian wo., sorry, that is definitely off topic. Duplicate of answers provided by the director of thé MAB about thé serial numbers óf the MAB pistoIs, periods of manufacturing, features of the spare components at various times, date:. The Weapons Forum is usually on online group for all gun enthusiasts. Sign up for us to talk about guns of all kinds, gun components, legal problems and even more.

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