Install Sap License Config Tool

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The SAP Support Portal help page providing FAQs for License Keys. Learn a workaround for a forgotten SAP license in. One of my customers wanted to install several SAP XI non. I found licensing details via the config tool. Client vs server. Working With Config Tool Target Audience. Administrator (system or application) Technology consultant; Overview. SAP CC Config Tool is a user interface of SAP Convergent Charging.

Settings tool (aka config tool). Usually used to make adjustments to VM (virtual memory space) configurations, and and get rid of machine nodes and transformation UME (consumer management motor). Requires the Java database be started. Can be not password guarded (uses a secure storefor authentication). Furthermore prospects to the configuration editor Which by default is usually read just, but can be changed into read/write to make adjustments.

How To Install Sap License Key

The Java engine should be halted (but of training course, not the underlying data source) before any changes are made. Visual supervisor. Generally used to run administration tasks, such as appearance at journal files, altering key shop etc. Requires the Java engine to end up being running. Password protected. Changed by NWA for NW Seeing that Java >= 7.1.

Can link to several Java motors (one at a time!) After linking (and waiting around for some period.) The Visual Manager can be deployed to a Home windows desktop by taking the whole admin folder and burning it to the desktop and installing a JRE. On Windows, the admin folder is certainly at disk: usr sáp JCnn admin NétWeaver Boss (NWA). Internet browser structured tool to handle Java engine, including starting and stopping.

Java motor must end up being running. Security password protected. Works as a servIet on the Java engine.