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Hi, guys, At First, sorry for my English and if my subject is not in the right location. I downloaded ICE AI Traffic FSX. Best AI traffic for FSX, Free + Best FPS Performance:) Download here Download ICE AI Traffic for FSX for free. ICE AI Traffic for FSX is a program designed to work with the FSX simulator that provides improved traffic conditions in heaven aircraft and airports around the world.


Hello once again, If you saw my posting about FSX not really reacting, I found the supply of the problem. It was an American Eagle AI air travel plan document for traffic. I removed the document and FSX proved helpful perfectly. But right now I are attempting to find a replacement file for United states Eagle tráffic with all thé updated liveries.

I has been going to find the Ice AI Visitors Sixth is v5 and reinstall the entire issue but could not really find a hyperlink. I tried to use Globe of AI Us Airways Express package and replaced the liveries with the American Eagle Iiveries but all l obtain is United states Eagle/Us Airways Show traffic. Not any other traffic. If I don't use the WOAI bundle, all the traffic is back. If anybody offers found this issue and found a answer or can direct me in the right path that would be great.

Furthermore if anybody finds a link for Glaciers AI Traffic or can find an alternate AI traffic fór FSXfreeware please article it.I tried to use World of AI Us all Airways Express package deal and changed the liveries with the United states Eagle Iiveries but all l obtain is United states Eagle/People Airways Express traffic. Not any various other traffic. If I wear't make use of the WOAI deal, all the traffic is definitely back again.!This could become lower to a identified problem. If the Us all Airways Express bundle traffic document you used is still in FS9 fórmat it will eliminate ALL FSX traffic. Get a duplicate AIFP from and convert the document to FSX format.

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Another option will be to check out the package deal (or the WOAI web site) to find if there is definitely a FSX AI traffic document integrated/available.