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Philips Golden Ears Training Program on Headfonia. The Golden Ears Training Program By Philips. Its much more of an ear test than a gear test. Many private individuals, studios, broadcasting organizations, colleges and universities have all adopted Golden Ears. I know of nothing else like them, except for a couple of very specialized and highly developed in-house computer programs for ear-training. Certainly nothing else that is commercially available. If you want to improve your audio hearing acuity and knowledge, these are a great.

Golden Ears Sound Ear Coaching Plan 688 mb 8CDs - MP3 128 kbps Manual ebook - Document type: PDF An audió ear-training program for documenting engineers, manufacturers and musicians. Moulton began doing like training as an academic workout for learners back in 1969, and provides since used it almost everywhere. In 1992, KIQ Productions requested Moulton to make it commercially available, and the sleep is background. 1: Frequencies Teaches you to understand boosts and slashes in all tén octaves of thé frequency spectrum. Intensifying drills develop from basic boosts in songs to even more demanding one octave cuts in pink noise. 2: Results amp; Refinement 31 feasible signal control changes, grouped into simple family members: amplitude modification, low and refined distortion, gradual and fast release data compresion, equalization modifications, stereophony flaws and time-delay / reverberation settings. 3: Delays and Decays Delay settings from tenths óf a millisecond tó entire secs; panning / slap / spaciousness effects in mono and stereo, on sustained and transient noises.

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