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  2. Maa Inti Aadapaduchu Serial - Episode 500. He came into fame with the serial Chakravakam.
  3. The concept of the Daily serial CHAKRAVAKAM is a high power emotional. Ganesh makes and tells a small story. Chakravakam Telugu Serial in Gemini TV.

Chakravakam Created by Srikanth Entertainment Pvt. Download software patch nfs pro street pc 1.2. Ltd Writtén by Dirécted by Manjula Náidu Stárring Prithi Amin Likitha Rámaprabha Selvaraj A.R.C. Babu Arvind Nomula Opening theme Chakravakam Nation of beginning Original vocabulary(beds) Telugu No.

Gemini tv chakravakam serial today episode

Of shows 1,111 Creation Producer(t) Sudhakar Pallamala Working period 15-20 moments Release First network Initial release 3 November 2003 - 15 Feb 2008 Chronology Preceded by Ruthuragalu Followed by, Chakravakam is a highly well-known serial produced by Manjula Naidu. The show airs on. Chakravakam, a version of this serial translated into, airs on. A version translated into titled Chakravaka airs in. A do it again telecast of the present first shown on 11 July 2016 at 2:30pm on Gemini TV, and today it airs át 12:30pm. A overall of 1,111 shows have shown thus much.

Jun 18, 2018  Chakravakam is a Family Drama Serial. This story revolves around the lover story of Indraneel and Sravanthi. Watch Chakravakam - June 18th 2018, Full Episode.

Contents. Summary Gemini explains the serial as 'a higher power emotional theatre' that confronts the basic query of whether love can survive when our children and mothers and fathers cannot reside up to our goals.

Throw. Selvaraj as lqbal. as Sagar. lndraneeil as Indra. ás Jágan. Prithi Amin ás Sravanthi. Likitha.

Rámaprabha. A.R.D. Babu. Arvind NomuIa. as Sravanthi's i9000 father Awards Chakravakam topped the poIl in the Cinégoers' Tv Awards in 2006, succeeding seven awards like the greatest actress prize and best character actor and celebrity. The prior November, the serial won a best male play-back singer award at the. References.

Serial Title: Chakravakam Station: Gemini Starring: lndraneeil, Prithi Amin, Likithá Ramaprabha Chakravakam will be a extremely popular Telugu serial developed by Manjula Náidu, which airs ón Gemini TV. The story informs whether like can endure when our children and parents cannot reside up to our targets. This serial is certainly graded as the highest trp ranking serial in entire telugu TV serials. View all the most recent previous shows of Chakravakam telugu daily serial which is certainly telecasted in in online just on. Watch the latest Show of Chakravakam Telugu Regular Serial Age501 - 3rd January 2018 Today's Event 501 - 3rn Jan 2018 Elizabeth501 -: - 3rd January Previous Episodes Age500 -: - 2nd Jan Y499 -: - 1stestosterone levels Jan Y498 -: - 29th Dec Age497 -: - 28th Dec E496 -: - 27th Dec Y495 -: - 26th Dec Age494 -: - 25th Dec At the493 -: - 22nd Dec Y492 -: - 21stestosterone levels Dec E491 -: - 20tl Dec E490 -: - 19th Dec.

Title Cards Created by Srikanth Amusement Pvt. Ltd Writtén by Bindu Náidu Directed by ManjuIa Naidu Starring Ságar Likitha kamini ánd Karuna Ravi várma Muktar Shruthi Theme songs composer Bunty Opening theme Mogali Rekulu Country of source Original language(beds) Zero. Of symptoms 1,368 Manufacturing Producer(h) Sudhakar Pallamala Sháshank Pallamala Editór(s) RAAM Cameras set up Baba. Running period 15-20 minutes Release Initial network Primary release 18 Feb 2008 - 24 Might 2013 Chronology Preceded by Followed by Mogalirekulu is certainly an led by Manjula Naidu and written by Bindu Náidu telecasted on replacing the highly popular serial Summary The story begins with three younger males Dharma, Satya ánd Daya and théir little sibling, Shanti.

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Chakravakam Serial On Gemini

Four of them are the victims of a family members feud where their mom and dad and grandmother are killed by their action grandma and uncles. They are usually joined by their neighbor's child Keerthana, who will be a sufferer of a mother's innocent interest for music. They determine to keep for Hyderabad but the stuff consider twists and works resulting the three siblings and keerthana getting in Hyderabad and their aunt Santi, after separating from her brothers, residing with her granddad and phase grandmother. Hero ACP RK Naidu (who will be afterwards the DGP, Mumbai) is a tight, powerful and responsible IPS police officer who marries Shanti after conserving her from clutches of her granddad and gran. Dharma satisfies Selva swamy whó indulges in illegal routines which provides the enmity bétween RK and SeIva.

After understanding that Dharma is certainly Santi's i9000 brother and many misunderstandings RK come to bottom line that Dharma getting an sincere buddy and sensitive person is definitely just assisting his friend Selva in his actions and start devoted him. RK successfully places the culprits of santi's moms and dads behind the pubs as promised to Dharma.

A love triangle start confusion among Dharma, Kéerthana and Selva (made by Selva't mom where she bIackmailed Keerthana to get married to Selva for saving Dharma) results in terrible enmity of SeIva for Dharma ánd RK where hé plans a explosive device great time to kill them and the outcomes being loss of life of Daya ánd Rk and Sánti dropping their child Mahidhar Naidu. The serial will be into 2nd generation then getting Munna (Mahidhar Naidu), the son of RK Náidu as the leading man, who provides been orphaned credited to the explosive device fun time who will be brought up in a criminal background by a dón Sikandar Bhai. Munná falls in love with Devi who will be the relative of Selva. Selva feels attached to her ás she resemble SeIva't wife Devi. Hence he decides to obtain her married to his older child Eshwar. Expected to some cIashes in the company Munna and Eshwar get into heated arguments and battle.

But Munna and Devi become buddies and her relationship with Eshwar will be called off when she discloses her real emotions for munna on the day time before wedding ceremony, disturbing her mother and father, Eshwar And his grandma. Munna and Devi obtain wedded. Munna plots of land to attack DGP RK as a part of his criminal lifetime but decides not really to because of his good character and later on arrives to know that RK is definitely his father. Munna incapable to encounter his father, conceals his identity and changes his name to 'Mahidhar Naidu' and starts a wellness service called AHS to provide rural people and comes back again to RK after safeguarding RK from a explosive device great time.

While he will be away, Devi will go to remain with RK's family by hiding her identification saying that she demands defense till her husband Munna arrives back. Meanwhile, RK comes to know that Mahendra aka Mahidhar is certainly indeed their child Mahi through SeIva swamy. RK'h family accepts Devi as théir daughter-in-Iaw and Devi concéives. Story finishes with the two households of RK SeIva uniting by getting Selva's sons wedded with Dharma and Satya's i9000 daughters and also they arrives to know that Dharma is definitely alive. The story offers a great deal of twists, theatre and details upon societal responsibilities too.

The story furthermore involves about the kids of all those personality. This soap opera had arrive to an end on 24 Might 2013. A repeat telecast of the display has began on 16 Might 2016 in Gemini Television at 1:30 Evening Cast Character Acting professional RK Naidu Munná/Mahidhar Naidu Ságar Shanti SheeIa singh Dharma lndraneel Selva swamy SeIva raj Ravi várma Devi Likitha kámini Karuna Bhushan Gómathi Sruthi Sikandar bhái Mukhtar Eshwar Pávaan sai Durga Rávi Krishna Ali Hári krishna Sindhu Médha Sireesha Pallavi Sónia Keerthana Medha Sátya Vardhan Rajesh Dáya Sagar Aravind NomuIa Pavitranath Minister Shivá Vijay Bhargav AnjaIi Anjali Shankar Mádhusudhan Muniamma Nagamani.