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  1. Aerosoft Anchorage X Static Aircraft

Directions: This is definitely an ascryptpro installer. You possess to operate the installer to the registration screen, after that discover the temp folder that includes ascryptpro and change it with thé oné in this deal. When the Aerosoft Launcher pop-up starts, force quit the installer, after that include the.bgl files from this package into the appropriately named landscape folder within the Aerosoft directory site. You can leave or remove the.blob data files, FSX won't identify them and they are only 5 mb.

As an added measure, you can delete the Aerosoft Launchér within the Aérosoft website directory, it can be useless anyway.


Aerosoft Anchorage X Static Aircraft

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  • 'Aerosoft’s Anchorage X is by all means very nice scenery. The modeling is good and the texturing looks nice, as with all Simwings airports. Sometimes I had hoped that the details would be a bit more extensive around the terminals buildings and aprons, but the fact is that it looks good just as it is.

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