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Launch Motorola Business Series Consumer Programming Software program (CPS) for thé CP040, CP140, CP160, CP180, CM140, CM160, CM340 and CM360 radios. Version Notes L05.15 The same as Ur05.13. Ur05.13 The same as R05.09. Ur05.09 Support Russian insight feature. In purchase to allow the Russian input function, the Regional and Vocabulary Choices of Windows Control Cell shall become fixed to Russia. L05.08 Assistance Self Test Report feature.

Compatible for MOTOROLA Two-Way Radio MAG ONE A8, BPR40/MP300. 1 Piece USB Programming Cable for Motorola Radio. SMA Female to BNC F Coax Coaxial Ada. SMA Female to BNC M RF Coax Coaxial. There's no standard connection; it varies by series. Motorola radios don't all use the same programming signals. To deal with this, Motorola designed a Radio Interface Box (RIB) with the ability to convert the variety of radio programming signals into serial port signals that PCs could use.

L05.07 Assistance Selected Funnel Lock, Concern Route 1 Lock Feature. Ur05.06 Assistance Russian, French, German, German and Speaking spanish.

R05.05 Fixed Talk Around problem. Support scroll club feature. R05.04 Support Radio Identification, Vote Check out, and MDC Call Alert functions. R05.03 The exact same as L05.02.

L05.02 Set several user interface bugs. Ur05.01 Support personality 'G' as Pause Personality in mobile phone number for radios with codeplug version 03.xback button and over. Support 100 individuality on CM340.

Fixed the 12.5 KHz channel frequency problem of CM340/CM360. CPS automatically modifies codeplug mismatched beliefs when reading through archive data files of radios with firmware variations R02.00.xx and prior. Ur05.00 Phase 5 upgrade. L04.00 Support for CM340 and CM360 radios. The route position was under 'Conventional Personas' in the previous CPS and can be now shifted to the remaining home window under a fresh item known as 'Station Placement'. L02.05 Assistance for Designated Strength Up Funnel. L02.04 Fixed cloning problems between various codeplug versions.

Support for additional frequency rings for thé CM140 and CM160 radios. L02.01 Modified the transmit power computation for thé CM140 and CM160 radios. R02.00 Assistance for thé CP140, CP160, CP180, and CM160 radios. Pull and fall support and cloning assistance between different codeplug versions. Support for duplicating the receive rate of recurrence, with an elective user described offset, to the transmit rate of recurrence.

Ur01.02 Support for fresh serial number format from factory. Improved mistake dealing with during radio stations communication. L01.01 Today facilitates synthesizer action sizes of 2.5 kHz. This is certainly required to help specific narrowband (12.5 kHz) frequencies. Now facilitates per consumer settings for the choice settings and the dealer information areas published on the customer handout report. L01.00 Assistance for thé CP040 and CM140 radios.

Pull and fall support between models and products. Assistance for renaming personalities, techniques, and lists. Help for several selection settings. For example, create several MDC techniques and select them aIl in the tréeview and fixed the Primary ID of all the MDC systems to the same value at as soon as. Requirements Operating System Required Patches Microsoft® Home windows® 98 Initial Edition Home windows 98 Calendar year 2000 Revise Home windows 98 12 months 2000 Up-date 2 Program Up-date Microsoft® Windows® 98 2nd Copy Microsoft® Windows® Millennium Version Microsoft® Windows® NT 4.0 SP5 or greater, eliminating SP6 (SP6a will be backed).

Microsoft® Home windows® 2000 Expert Microsoft® Windows® XP Home/Professional Edition Microsoft® Windows® 7 Equipment Suggestions The program takes approximately 16 MB of free disk room on your Personal computer. Nevertheless, you may desire more space to allow you to conserve archive files of your radios.

Each save document varies in size based on the features of the radio that are usually allowed. A good rule of browse is 75 KB per store document. For processor chip quickness and Memory, nothing is certainly needed beyond the recommendations provided by Microsoft for the release of the operating program that you are using. The visual user interface is most effective displayed using 1024.768 and 65536 colour screen or much better (use little font).

A CD-ROM commute. A serial slot or USB to serial interface adapter. The BAF0(R) BF-810 USB to serial interface adapter offers been tested successfully with the CPS application.

Empower your group with a faster way to communicate. The RMU2040 on-site two-way business radio helps you communicate immediately, without missing a defeat. With crisp, clear audio throughout the work environment and remarkable longevity, the RMU2040 received't stop in high noise, severe conditions, and high make use of. The RMU2040 2 watts radio functions on 99 UHF company exceptional frequencies and is FCC Narrowband prepared.

Improved audio quality, a durable style, and flexible HTML-based customér programming software create this stereo an extraordinary selection for all óf your on-sité company requirements. Advanced functions like as customized sales channel announcement keep your fingers free, so you can focus on the task at hands. Whether you're coordinating resources at the structure web site or on the manufacturing range, the RMU2040 two-way stereo is tested to final. Unleash the energy of your RM series radio stations with components that are comfortable, long lasting and discreet to suit the method you function. Business-exclusive fréquencies Operates on 99 UHF business distinctive frequencies and functions 219 PL/DPL requirements, like 6 customizable codes to assist make sure a very clear signal.

Enhanced audio quality Effective 1500 mW loudspeaker ensures very clear conversation without distracting opinions in noisy conditions. Rugged design Fits military specifications for closing against dirt, wind, surprise, vibration and additional adverse circumstances. These radios also go through Motorola't unique Accelerated Lifestyle Tests (ALT) that simulates up to 5 years of industry use. Route Statement with Voice Alias Depart your stereo on your belt and understand precisely what channel you are usually interacting on. Customize your checklist of channels by selecting from 16 pre-recorded work functions, like as security, customer service, cashier, etc.

Power and Protection 2 Watt UHF radio stations provides insurance coverage up to 250,000 Sq. Foot./20 Floors.

Advanced features via customer prógramming software (CPS).Insurance coverage will differ centered on landscape, circumstances, and the stereo model utilized. Advanced Voice Activation (VOX) Enables hands-free procedure with or without the make use of of optional add-ons. Antimicrobial Layer Helps prevent the development of mildew and germs on the surface of the radio. Customer Programming Software (CPS) CPS software provides a modern graphical consumer interface, permitting accessibility to sophisticated features. Adding RM Collection radios to your present radios fast is less complicated than ever. (CPS is usually accessible as free of charge Internet download.

Distinct programming cable required.) Components RM series radios deliver standard with a carry holster with á swivel belt cut that lets you turn the stereo to fit easily. Re-usé RDX series audió add-ons for versatile and reliable performance.

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Basic cloning Quickly copies settings from radio to radio stations (between RM séries radios or bétween RM ánd RDX series radiós). Cloning is completed with radio-tó-radio cloning cable or through the multi-unit charger. Tricolor Brought interface Allows customers to identify radio features and position.