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Every good team demands a good symbol. The United States offers the bald eagle, the Indiana Colts have got the horse footwear, and Judaism has the Superstar of James. In the on the web role-playing video game Lineage 2, your group of players, or 'clan,' can possess its personal crest that shows up over the minds of clan people' in-game prototypes. Normally selecting the clan crest can be up to the clan chief, but if the clan chief wants, she can permit another clan associate to upload the crest. If you need to change your crest afterwards, just create a new one and upload it again.

  • Lineage 2 Clan and Alliance crests. Topzone of Lineage2 Private Server List L2 Servers!
  • Download Now. Lineage 2: Goddess. An alliance leader can create a crest for his alliance that its allied clans can display in addition to each clan's crest with.

Do you have a private server of Lineage 2 and want to promote it to get more players? Join in our high traffic website. Toggle navigation. What is a clan crest?

Attract your clan crest using Paint's drawing tools. Because the canvas dimension is therefore little, you should zoom in on it before drawing. Create a brand-new folder in the main website directory of your difficult travel, and name it something easy to keep in mind, such as 'crests.' Later on you'll want to kind out the directory to upload the picture, therefore if you make use of a complex route, you'll bum out over it. Conserve your image into this foIder as a 256 colour bitmap (.bmp) file. Open up 'Lineage 2,' enter the video game, and open up the 'Group' windowpane by pushing the 'ALT' and 'In' secrets on your key pad. Click the 'Place Crest' key in the 'Family' screen.

Type in the path and file name of your crest. For illustration, it might be 'c: crests mycrest.bmp.' Click on the 'Okay' button to publish you crest.

/apo-hiking-society-discography-download.html. What will be a Promise Crest? A promise crest will be an image/sign/mark that appears near to your name like in the instance below: In purchase to established a crest, your promise must end up being at minimum level 3.

How to arranged a crest for your pledge: If your promise is at minimum degree 3, you will require to duplicate your symbol to a directory website in your for instance G: and then log into the video game. Drive ALT+G once in sport to provide up the clan cell, and click Collection Crest. It will question you where it's i9000 stored, type in the directory website for example M: crest.bmp and click on place. You should have got a clan crést near your title and near your clan associate's titles. Take note: If you want to generate your very own emblem produce a 16x12 pixels grafic with a visual publisher and conserve it as a 256 color.bmp file.