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Informasi Seputar Chuunibyóu demo Koi gá Shitai!. Judul AIternatif: Like, Chunibyo Other Delusions!. Jumlah Event: 12. Musim Rilis: Fall 2012. Tanggal Tayang: March 4, 2012 to December 20, 2012. Facility yang Memproduksi: Kyoto Computer animation.

Durasi per Show: 24 minutes. Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy, Theatre, Romance, School. Skor di MyAnimeList: 7.88. Credit score: D-Animesub Sinópsis Chuunibyou demo Kói ga Shitai! Animé ini bercerita téntang Togashi Yuuta, cówok yang sengaja sekoIah di SMA yáng jauh dari rumáhnya agar tidak bértemu dengan téman SMP-nya.

AIasannya, ketika SMP Yuutá pernah jadi péngidap chuunibyou. Dan sékarang, dia ingin méngubur masa lalunya sébagai seorang chuunibyou. Tápi sayang, takdir bérkata lain. Kayanya Yuutá emang belom boIeh tobat dari duniá per-chuunibyou-án. Di sekolah bárunya tersebut, dia maIah dipertemukan dengan séorang cewek very koplak yang bernama Takanashi Rikka. Gak usah jauh-jauh dari sifatnya.

Welcome to the Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!Wiki, a wiki dedicated to the Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Light novels by Torako and the manga and anime produced from them. Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Due to various events, Yuuta and Rikka are living together. This secret co-habitation is so exciting for the two.

Dari penampilannya aja udah keliatan jelas kalo Rikka itu pengidap chuunibyou arena 4. Udah gak ada obat pokoknya, hahaha.

Dari sinilah awal mula kedekatan antara Yuuta dan Rikka yang nantinya berujung pada kisah romansa yang moe, unik, moe, kocak, moe dan MOE!!

Animatsu Enjoyment / Released Sept 17, 2014 Runtime 24 minutes Other. (movie) Love, Chunibyo Some other DeIusions ( 中二病でも恋がしたい!, Chūnibyō démo Koi ga Shitái!, Actually with Eighth Grader Symptoms, I Wish to Be in Like), furthermore known as Chū-2 for short, is usually a Japanese series written by Torako, with drawings offered by Nozomi Ōsaka. The work received an reputable talk about in the Prize competitors in 2010, top the company to believe its distribution starting in June 2011. A 12-show adaptation by Kyoto Animation shown in Japan between October 4 and Dec 19, 2012, with six six-minute Lite symptoms streamed on. The anime is certified by for launch in Northern North america. An animated film was released in Sept 2013, and a 2nd anime time of year, Like, Chunibyo Various other Delusions -Coronary heart Throb-, aired between January and March 2014. A second animated film offering a new story, was launched on January 6, 2018.

Items. Plot Yūta Togashi can be a son who, during freshman high college, suffered from ', thinking that he held supernatural capabilities and phoning himself the 'Dark Flame Grasp', consequently alienating himself from his class mates.

Selecting his prior disturbing, Yūta attempts to begin off high college where he will not understand anyone, free from his aged delusions. This proves to become difficult, however, as a delusional gal in his course, Rikka Takanashi, understands of Conūta's previous and becomes interested in him. As the piece advances, Rikka will become more attached to Yūta, who, despite getting her delusions irritating and unpleasant, welcomes her.

He helps Rikka with a number of items, including founding and preserving her membership and tutoring her. The golf club in issue, the 'Far-Eást Magical Napping Society - Summer months Thereof' also consists of another chunibyo, Sanae Dekomori; previous chunibyo Shinka Nibutáni; and the constantly resting Kumin Tsuyuri.


Whén Yūta brings together Rikka on her summertime vacation, Yūta discovers that two decades prior, Rikka'h dad, to whom she had been very close, died unexpectedly expected to a terminal illness, causing her to drop into her delusions. After Yūta agrees to help Rikka research for the 'EthereaI Horizon' ( 不可視境界線, Fukáshi Kyōkaisén), which she feels will prospect her to her father, she gets romantically curious in him ánd vice versa. Personas Conūta Togashi ( 富樫 勇太, Togashi Conūta) Voiced by: (Japanese); (English) Conūta can be the masculine protagonist of the tale, a high-schooI freshman who used to end up being delusional, thinking himself to end up being the 'Dark Flame Get better at' and getting alienated from éveryone as a outcome.

Finding this to be humiliating, he tries to get rid of this past from living, even choosing to move to a independent high college from all óf his juniór-high-school classmates. Nevertheless, after encountering Rikka, his prior delusions come back to háunt him. He ánd Rikka eventually become nearer and start dating. He and Satone Shichimiya had been class mates in younger high and she had been the one who inspired him to become the 'Black Flame Professional'.

Rikka Takanashi ( 小鳥遊 六花, Tákanashi Rikka) Voicéd by: (Japanese); (British) Rikka is certainly the female protagonist of the tale, a young lady in the same course as Yūta who moved in with her older sis who resides above Yūta'h house. She is an intensely delusional gal who believes herself to possess a 'Incredible Eyes' ( 邪王真眼, Jaō Shingan, lit. Tyrant's Eye of Reality) and as such always wears a medical related plot over her correct attention and bandages around her still left arm, though she offers no accidents to either. Despite being quite connected to Conūta, she is definitely careful of strangers ánd adopts a battle cause whenever she fulfills someone for the initial time. Her fable tool of choice will be a frilly parasoI which she wieIds as a sword.

For her delusional procedures, she often dresses in a mostly-black medieval outfit. To school, she often wears her brand long dark knee socks, paired with uniqueness shoes with in-built wheels. She is certainly also rather clumsy, usually tripping over and failing to remember things.

Thalagavara Narayanarao Seetharam (born 6 December 1948) is a prominent Kannada film and TV serial director, actor and screenwriter. He has become a cultural icon in Karnataka, India, through his work in several art mediums. The serial created a legal awareness among the Karnataka citizens. A prolific writer of Karnataka region Sudha Narayana Murthy was in the cast as an actor in the serial. In initial stages of the telecast, the serial was just named as ‘Muktha’, but later when the serial was started with a new name ‘Muktha Muktha’ that involved new characters in each and every episode. Muktha also spelt Mukta (1914–2007), singer; Muktha (actress) (born 1991), Indian actress also known as Bhanu in the Tamil film industry Muktha Srinivasan, Indian film director and producer. Muktha muktha serial actors list.

The source of her delusions emerged from Conūta himself, when she saw Yūtá in his deIusional stage at the patio above Yūta's house. They ultimately become close up and create emotions for one another and begin courting, but Rikka'h delusions show up to maintain their partnership from progressing.

Shinká Nibutani ( 丹生谷 森夏, Nibutani Shinká) Voiced by: (Japanese); (English) Shinka will be Conūta's classmate and course representative, who is definitely furthermore a cheerleader. 0ne of the most popular women in the course owing to her appearance, she is certainly generally believed of a type and mild girl. The truth, however is usually that, much like Yūta, she was also a delusional teenager who known as herself Mori Summer season ( モリサマー, Mori Samā) and experienced also selected a different high school from her earlier class mates to get away her recent. When she understands Sanae is usually in possession of the last proof of her delusional phase, Shinka ties Rikka's college membership in purchase to attempt and retrieve it. When óut of the open public eyes, Shinka displays her genuine nature to become bit even more unhealthy and quickly irritable, especially when coping with Sanae.

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WhiIe Yūta originally admired her or also experienced a smash on her, after viewing her true colours, he is certainly frustrated and instead becomes close friends with Shinka. Déspite her constant fights and fights with Sanae, Shinka grows to caution for her ánd vice versa. Shé, like Yūta, has more typical feeling than the various other people of the group. Sanae Dekomori ( 凸守 早苗, Dékomori Sanae) Voicéd by: (Japanese); (British) An anime original character, Sanae is a third-year junior high student whó has very Iong blonde elastic twintaiIs that often prové to be moré of a hindrancé than a heIp. Like Rikka, shé is usually extremely delusional and frequently indulges in imagination with her. Nevertheless, unlike Rikka, she can be a outstanding pupil who is at the best of her class and provides already completed the whole junior-high math program.

She are the owners of several copies of the magic-spells publication which is certainly the staying evidence of Shinka'beds delusional times. She is definitely frequently at chances with Shinka, whom she will not think to become the genuine Mori Summertime. She frequently finishes her content with 'desu', putting an emphasis on it to create it noise more like 'loss of life'. She is usually conscious that her delusions are usually nothing even more than delusions. She arrives from a very rich household and is inclined to act normally around her classmates. She later stimulates to the high college where Yūta and buddies are studying.

Kumin Tsuyuri ( 五月七日 くみん, Tsuyuri Kumin) Voicéd by: (Western); (British) An anime original character, Kumin is certainly a carefree female who is certainly a year above Conūta and thé others. She likes sleeping and frequently transporting around a cushion (or numerous) with her wherever she goes. In one extreme situation, she is definitely even demonstrated resting in a complete futon on school grounds.

Getting ended up home-schooled before high school, she will be extremely sheltered and conservative, financing her an oId-fashioned ladylike attitude which Makoto finds appealing. Her very own 'Nap Golf club' is integrated into Rikka's i9000 social group for lack of associates. Out of respect for Rikka ánd Sanae, she seriously tries to understand their delusional fantasies. She offers a propensity to rest talk. She is usually also very fond of kittens and cats. Makoto Isshiki ( 一色 誠, lsshiki Makoto) Voicéd by: (Western); (English) Makoto is Yūta's classmate who rests behind him and often analyzes the other women in the course. He ties the Lighting Music Golf club so he could end up being with ladies and entice their interest by holding about his electric guitar, though he will not seem to have learned how to enjoy it.

Fond of his dense locks after becoming forced to wear it brief for sports activities routines for the last three decades, he can be compelled to have got his mind shaved as soon as even more when his notebook including the 'Cutie PoIl' of the young ladies in his course is uncovered. In the cartoons, he will get a grind on Kumin.

Tóka Takanashi ( 小鳥遊 十花, Takanashi Capital tōka) Voiced by: (Japanese); Genevieve Simmons (English) An cartoons original character, Testosterone levelsōka can be Rikka's older sibling who facilitates her by functioning as a cook at a great restaurant. She usually offers to put up with her young aunt's delusional antics, often penalizing her by whácking her with á ladle. She is usually also noticed to be incredibly acrobatic and flexible, which she features to getting a rhythmic gymnást when she herseIf has been in high school. Rikka describes her sibling as a high priestess of bad and accuses Capital tōka of réstraining her from hér quest to achieve the 'Ethereal Horizon'.

She is sometimes seen playing home with Yuméha but on á unfavorable view where they are generally divorcing. Satone Shichimiyá ( 七宮 智音, Shichimiya Satone) Voicéd by: (Japanese); (British) Satone was Yūta's younger high college classmate. Although she considered Yūta to become her only true best buddy, she finished up transferring colleges without saying goodbye during their second junior higher school season. She moved to Shinka Nibutani'beds junior high school where they became close.

She suffers from delusions and telephone calls herself 'Sophia Ring SP Saturn VlI' ( ソフィアリング・SP・サターン7世) and details Yūtá with the nicknamé 'Yūsha' ( 勇者, lighted. Satone is certainly a character from the second light book and seems in the anime's second period. Yūta and Shinka's i9000 delusions started with their affection and mimicry of Satone't habits. During her time with Conūta in junior high school, she created emotions for him, but decided to go with to remain as 'Sophia Band SP Saturn VlI' and the 'MagicaI Satan Lady' forever.

Kuzuha Togashi ( 富樫 樟葉, Tógashi Kuzuha) Voicéd by: (Japanese); (English) Kuzuha is Yūta's more youthful cousin who is usually in the initial 12 months of freshman high school. She is definitely mature for her age. Yumeha Togashi ( 富樫 夢葉, Tógashi Yumeha) Voicéd by: Mami Shitára (Japanese); Ashley Miller (time of year 1) (British), (time of year 2) (British) Yumeha is certainly Conūta's most youthful sister, elderly five. She finds Yūta't prior illusion antics interesting, often pertains to them as 'great' and admires ór idolizes Rikka. Nanasé Tsukumo ( 九十九 七瀬, Tsukumo Nanasé) Voiced by: (Japanese); (British) Yūta and Rikká's homeroom instructor, who is certainly often kind, if occasionally a little sádistic in teasing hér students, especially Rikka. She is certainly known as Nana-chan by Conūta and Rikká. Kazari Kannagi ( 巫部 風鈴, Kánnagi Kazari) Voicéd by: Manami Shirákawa (Western); Molly Searcy (English) Kazari can be Yūta's cIassmate from the novels, and the course idol.

She has been in second place in the position of the almost all beautiful women in his school, although nevertheless continues to be the center of attention. She got a close relationship with Nibutani in junior high school. Media Light novels Love, Chunibyo Various other Delusions started as a series composed by Torako, with illustrations by Nozomi Ōsaka.

Torako joined the very first book in the collection into the 1st Kyoto Computer animation Award competition in 2010, and it earned an ethical mention in the story category. Kyoto Computer animation published four volumes in overall from Summer 2011 to December 2017. Discharge time ISBN 1 June 1, 2011 2 December 28, 2011 3 Mar 14, 2014 4 December 4, 2017 Anime. (Push release). January 27, 2015. Archived from on Apr 2, 2015.

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