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ControlConsoleAPI (aka CCAPI) can be an API fór PS3 and Personal computer similar to TMAPI on DEX gaming console. But this one 'CCAPI' works for CEX ánd DEX. Download: (Gaming console App for Personal computer, PS3Lib v4.3 DLL, PKG to set up CCAPI 2.80 on PS3) It will give you those functions: Functions: - Compatibility with system CEX / DEX / Intercourse. Debug non-fseIf fself in true period (vsh.self for illustration can end up being debugged in rté, or any game with non debug eboot) - Debugging kernel in genuine period (and lv2kernel.personal lv1.personal).Classic functions (RTE on CEX + DEX): - Obtain process memory space.

Place a job in memory. Shutdown and restart the system. Functioning through Cellular. Bypass exec pages creating restriction.

Bypass lv2 storage protection. Peek / Stick LV1 and LV2 - Established ConsoleID at anytime/anyplace - Transforming LED.

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ringBuzzer - Temps. VSH component loading - Notifications. ControlConsoleAPI 2.80 REV3 by Enstone - Present version: 2.80rev3 Supported Firmwares: - CFW 4.21,4.30,4.40,4.41,4.46,4.50,4.53,4.55,4.60,4.65,4.66,4.70, 4.75,4.76,4.78,4.80,4.81,4.82 CEX or DEX VSH component loading: - VSH component launching: - develop a index in your /devusb000/ known as 'plugins' and place all yóur sprx plugins intó, it should be /devusb000/plugins/prxname1.sprx /devusb000/plugins/prxname2.sprx. All of the sprx that are existing in this folder, will become loaded at ps3 boot.There will be no utmost sprx quantity that can be loaded, the just control will be the memory space obtainable, this is definitely essential, if you download to numerous sprx, some games will decline to fill.SPRX will become being injected into vsh process, as a result they will end up being runned at every second(also during a sport).Deank produced a great FTP server sprx, that you can weight into VSH, so you have got a ftp actually while you're playing a game. I simply patched it fór CCAPI. Or use, How to install CCAPI?

- Just download and operate this pkg ón your ps3. lt will inform you to reboot, and it's carried out. You only require to perform this as soon as. How to uninstall CCAPI? - Just run once again the pkg. Simply no, in the worst situation, you could need to reinstall your firmware. Quick control gaming console: It's i9000 simply a quick tool to use some of CCAPI functions.

ChangeLog - Changelog 2.80 (rev3) Added 4.82 DEX support (rev2) Reduced memory make use of (rev1) Added ps3 TOOL assistance (with DEX/CEX kernel only) Included console locater into consolemanager Included vsh menus Added 4.82 CEX support Changelog 2.70 (rev6) Added 4.81 DEX support (rev5) Added 4.81 CEX support (rev4) Added 4.80 CEX/DEX support (rev3) Added 4.78 DEX support (rev2) Added 4.78 CEX assistance (rev2) Added 4.76 DEX support Added other platform support (android) Optimized system bitrate Changelog 2.60 Included assistance for custom made firmware 4.60 / 4.65. Included assistance for custom firmware 4.66 CEX (Rev2) Included support for custom firmware 4.70 CEX (Rev3) Added support for custom made firmware 4.70 DEX (Rev4) Included assistance for custom firmware 4.75 CEX (Rev5) Included support for custom firmware 4.75 DEX (Rev6) Added support for custom firmware 4.76 CEX (Rev7) Added support Cobra. Added SetBootPsid / SetBootConsoleId / SétPsid. 2.50: Added 4.53/4.55 support Included a system listing 2.00: - Memory space use provides been decreased - Boot time provides been reduced too, at the first insert it's i9000 about 20 sec, after that for next shoe it'beds now quick. Shoud end up being suitable with even more fimwares today. DLL is usually now launched, you can today make your own ccapi programs. 1.00: Primary version Credit: iMCSx, flukes1.

  1. How to install CCAPI Console Manager 2.60 on CFW PS3 (PS3 Jailbreak Required) Download Controle Console API 2.60 by Enstone:
  2. CCAPI (ControlConsoleAPI) has been updated to 2.60 rev7.This new version adds support for 4.76 CEX CFW. Download is below.

Ccapi 2.5 Download

Title Version Released Hits DL Link CCAPI for 4.21 to 4.82 v2.80 01/ CCAPI for 4.21 to 4.82 v2.80 01/13/18 971 CCAPI for 4.21 to 4.81 v2.71 09/ CCAPI for 4.21 to 4.81 v2.70r6 01/9 CCAPI for 4.21 to 4.81 v2.70r5 11/ CCAPI for 4.21 to 4.80 v2.70r4 06/1 CCAPI for 4.21 to 4.78 v2.70r3 03/0 CCAPI for 4.21 to 4.76 v2.70 11/ CCAPI for 4.21 to 4.76 v2.60r7 10/ CCAPI for 4.21 to 4.65 v2.60 10/ CCAPI v2.50 03/ CCAPI for 4.21-4.50 v2.00 11/ CCAPI MOD for 446-465 v2.00 10/.

Folgt dem Tutorial um 2.5 CCAPI zu installieren. [PS3/DEX] How To Install Rebug 4.65 And CCAPI 2.60 + DOWNLOADS - Duration: 4:02. If you download the source. It gave me some faget thing that was loaded with viruses. It was called control console 2.5 but it. I don't believe 4.55 is CCAPI.