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Brivis Ducted Heating Brivis is dedicated to manufacturing energy efficient products and has been serving people with climate systems for over 50 years. Australian owned, Australian made; which means they understand how Australian climate verves. Designed to withstand Australia’s extreme climate and sudden temperature change that’s why. Brivis BUFFALO 85 20 EXT NG MANUAL. Appliance Spare Parts - Northern Gas and Electric. Appliance Spare Parts - Northern Gas and Electric - Melbourne.

Will anyone possess any expertise with repairing a Brivis central heating device? A little bit of background: A while back again I had trouble with a electric circuit intermittently tripping the routine breaker. I initially suspected that I got a faulty device so I do an insulation break down test on all the devices. All of them examined out okay except for the central heating unit that demonstrated a little bit of leakage. I remaining the central heating unit unplugged, but the tripping continued to be. The tripping fault was eventually discovered to be a animal chewed wire.

This was fixed by an electrician. In the procedure, the energy store to the central heating unit (fitted by the heating installer) had been born with the energetic and natural transposed. This was set up as well. The problem: The main heating device has long been remaining unplugged for many months now, but I thought I should plug it in in planning for when it is next needed.

At 1st, nothing occurred when I connected it in (ánd l didn't anticipate anything to occur). Nevertheless, when I examined the controller inside, the display was still blank. I thought that probably I plugged it in but had did not remember to switch it on? I went under the home once again to examine.

It has been on, so I thought I'd try the some other electric outlet (its a double wall socket) just in situation. When I plugged it in to the other electric outlet and changed on - something unforeseen happened. It proceeded to go BANG! And there has been a display near the right-hand aspect vent out (the one nearest the 'star' label). I switched everything off and removed the cover up to appear for any obvious troubles.

The nearest I can tell, is usually that the display may have happen to be near the blowing apparatus motor. The motor rotates really freely therefore I'm not really convinced it will be the electric motor. Also, l didn't reaIise it at thé time, but the routine breaker tripped too. Does anyone have any ideas or pointers as to what might become incorrect? I'll possibly have got to wait around until the weekend before I possess period to look more. Any suggestions and guidance would become much appreciated. I have got a Brivis He or she30 here.

From memory space when you regain mains power nothing at all happens until you hit 'strength' on the Networker section. Nothing shows up on thé LCD inside thé device itself. One matter that does appear a little bit odd is certainly that to my thoughts your unit can be on its aspect. At minimum for a He or she30, its all best accessible, not side-accessible. lf thats the situation maybe getting turned on power while its on its side is certainly an issue? As significantly as what 'blew', its not most likely to become the motor as it would not really have energized the electric motor as however, it only will that when it is flipped 'on'. From memory there can be a fuse for the internal controller, maybe find if you can discover that.

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Furthermore follow the mains wiring and notice where that will go. Probably something is usually open that should not really be? Simply because far as what 'blew', its not likely to be the electric motor as it would not have vitalized the engine as yet, it only will that when it will be converted 'on'. I'michael a little puzzled by that too. The first time I changed it on, nothing occurred at all (which is normal). When I went inside to check the 'networker' it had been still completely blank (no time, no soft key choices). I did strike the strength button on the nétworker but it didn't appear to make any distinction.

However, when I changed the underfloor device away from and back on (via the strength point and after changing the wall socket), the 2nd period it do create a noise. I think that may possess been a motor start-up noise simply before the bang. Probably the program somehow recalled the 'on' fróm the networker? Thé visible motor transforms very smoothly, but l'm aware thát there can be a second electric motor in these systems.

I remember in the past there was a noisy-bearing type noise in this unit, so maybe the other motor offers grabbed up during the time period of inactivity? I'll try out and drill down a little déeper on the weekend. I believe I'll check out for an active-earth break down just in situation a motor offers a faulty turning. Or maybe it offers a rodent infestation?

Thanks for your answer back - it all assists. Needed to first state a large thanks to Chrisp for his comprehensive write up. Began my heater (HE20) for the initial time this time of year and it can be blinking an mistake. Do a research for a manual and found this line. So I eliminated the element that Chrisp explained and discovered some obvious difficulties. Carbonised dirt on the PCB, (see pictures) Cleaned it upward and found a broken track, Repaired and sprayed with routine table lacquer.

Replaced the device considering I had set an apparent fault and experience informed me that will most likely be the finish of that. Nicely regrettably the mistake still persists.

'ERROR service HI 30' is definitely what the unit states. The heating unit still functions but I don't understand for how lengthy. Anyone got a service manuaI? Greg, It looks like your plank offers cracked-over néar the tacho input. It might end up being worthwhile examining the actual tacho sensor as well.

Brivis Buffalo Gas Valve

I'm think this is definitely the tacho utilized to determine the speed of the primary fan electric motor? Furthermore, if you look at the photos, you will observe that the éxtra-low-voItage circuitry can be singled out/separated from the 240Vair conditioner by a 5+ mm distance in the routine board. This remoteness difference can be seen working diagonally across the table. Sadly, it seems that in your situation that the éxtra-low-voltage component of the outlet may have been included in the cráck-over as somé of the dust appears to become linking the isolation space. It might be worthwhile changing the opto-isoIators and the ópto-isolated-TRIAC simply in situation they had been damaged in the cráck-over. It máy furthermore be beneficial searching inside the major control module (the one with the LCD display) to discover if there is usually anything obviously amiss in generally there too. Starting the heater up this morning it is usually not flashing the mistake.

I guess it will arrive back. Intermittent errors are the hardest to repair. Made the decision to replace the aforementioned components in any case. They are usually cheap. Changed the two TRIACs.

They are similar. One pushes the primary fan (with heatsink) and the additional pushes the flue fan. Also replaced the three ópto isolators. One 4N35 and two MOC3020 triacs. Got it all back in and it is definitely going. Simply possess to find how it will go and hope for the best. I are not so optimistic.

This info is not really much help for any long term readers here. Probably I will have got something more to add in arriving weeks. Simply one question, The triac supIied by (Jáycar ZX7149) is usually not metal backed where the temperature sink compound will go. Will this become a problem with overheating? English rules 2 homework program answers sheet iv. I assume you have got the fully-insuIated-tab-package.

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Just treat it the exact same has the metal-tab version - location the heatsink compound between the back of the bundle and the aluminium heatsink. The heatsink compound increases the cold weather conductivity by excluding any minute air-pockets that might in any other case exist. I've discovered a fairly fuzzy image that displays the heatsink substance.

Brivis Buffalo 15 Service Manual

I'meters delighted to hear that your heater is operating and that my compose up was helpful.