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Good mid-day, Quick rundown of scenario: Windows Server 2003 Brightstor Arcserve l11.1 On the server we have got a 600Gt variety that we backup various workstations and computers to. For rédundancy we'd Iike to backup thé tough devices to recorded argument (the.ctf data files). The tapes would become a complete backup of the previous night time's backup run. (CTF Files gén'd by Arcserve) Thé tapes after that get stored for 1 7 days and after that are more than written once again. Will be there a method to regain files from the CTF data files? Can I recover them from tape to a certain directory website and after that access them with the Arcserve manager? Or is certainly support up those CTF files from previous days relatively useless?

  1. What Is A Ctf File

RE: Restoring files from CTF Documents? (Instructor) 24 Jul 05 15:23. As soon as you know the concept behind it it's very simple to know: When format media ARCserve produces a header to become able to examine the tape, this is thé HEADER.CTF file Fór each program ARCserve back up there will be a J0000XXX.CTF file. The.CTF documents, in reality, are archive data files. When you bring back a file ór folder ARCserve components info out of the.ctf documents When backing up to strapping specifically the same happens but you cannot 'learn' tapes the method you examine disks therefore the.ctf structure is not visible for users.

With tapecopy ARCserve copies the.CTF files straight to tape so for ARCsérve it doésn't issue whether the information resides on disc or recording media. Maintain some items in thoughts with tapecopy. The least difficult way for tapecopy can be to duplicate to blank mass media, when making use of formatted tapes you MUST get into tape name, random id and sequence number (it's i9000 difficult to program this). Tapecopy doesn'testosterone levels merge details automatically, you can use the -h change to accomplish this. Regards RE: Fixing data files from CTF Data files?

What Is A Ctf File

I have a bunch of ctf files (containing a huge amount of files) from arcserve which were created using arcserve backup and linux agent. Unfortunately arcserve is not able to restore anything to linux agents. The list of file extensions associated with CA ARCserve Backup. CA ARCserve Backup default file extension associations.ajl.ctf.rec.