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  1. Anytone At 588 Programming Software

. USER'S MANUAL Dual Music group FM Transceiver. Fine Casing, Stoutness Balance, Advanced and Reliable functions, Perfect Dear. AT-588USixth is v mobile stereo especially designs for drivers and it pursues firm beliefs of innovation and practicality.

NOTE AT-588UV Cell Stereo Applicable Software program: QPS588USixth is v Model Apply To This Guide: AT-588UV Mobile radio. Precautions usually provide high quality products, and this Please observe the following precautions to avoid fire, transceiver is no exemption AT-588USixth is v can be a ruggedly-built, higher personal damage, or transceiver damage: quality Dual Music group FM transceiver providing 50 Watts of energy Do not attempt to configure yóur transceiver while traveling,it output on the VHF band and 40 Watts on the UHF music group. Items New and Revolutionary Functions.1 Great/Mid/Low Energy Change.13 Regularity Variety.1 Rate of recurrence Change.13 Supplied Components/Optional Components.2 Band-width Choice.13 House Channel.13 Supplied Add-ons.2 Elective Components.2 Dual View.14 Preliminary Set up.3 Crisis Alarm.14 Cell phone installation.3 Sales channel/Frequency Scan.14 DC Power Cable Connection.4. Items Scrambler Set up.20 Security password Functionality.28 Overall tone Chest (Preliminary Regularity).20 Mike Procedure.29 Keypad Mode Setup.21 Send DTMF signaling.29 Major/Sub band switching.29 Keypad Lockout.22 TX OFF (PTT Lockout).22 Functionality procedure through PA-PD tips.29 Squelch Level set up.22 Cable Clone.31 TALK AROUND.22.

AnyTone Dual Band Mobile. Either side can be VHF or UHF at any time - VU, UV, UU, VV. Owner's Manual (newest version). Anytone AT-588 v2 220Mhz. VHF FM MOBILE TRANSCEIVER designed for voice. By manual setup. AT778V AnytoneAT778V Anytone VHF Mobile Radio Model. View and Download AnyTone AT-D868UV programming manual online. AT-D868UV Radio pdf manual download. The AnyTone D868UV radio is a VHF and UHF radio with both Digital DMR (Tier I and II) and Analog capabilities. It offers a total of 4,000 channels. Radio AnyTone AT-588 User Manual (43 pages) Radio AnyTone AT-310M User Manual. AnyTone Tech Two Way Radios. Radios that are designed for everyone in mind.

New and Revolutionary Features AT-588UV Mobile Radio has great casing, stoutness stability, innovative and dependable functions, perfect dear. This beginning mobile radio especially designs for motorists and it pursues firm philosophy of invention and functionality. More features as follows: 758 memory space channels, complete duplex operation with 3rd party volume and squelch controls 50 W of energy result on the VHF band and 40 W on the UHF band with frustrated band repeater functionality. Supplied Components/Optional Add-ons Supplied Components After properly unpacking the transceiver, determine the products shown in the desk below.

Anytone At-588 Vhf Manual

We recommend you maintain the box and product packaging. Transceiver Mike (QHM-04) Mobile Mounting DC Energy Wire with Hardware Kit for Bracket (with DTMF keyboard) Bracket (QMB-01) Blend Holder(QPL-01) Black screws. Preliminary Installation Determine the suitable angle of the transceiver, making use of the 3 Cell phone inStAllAtion mess hole roles on the part of the mounting group. To set up the transceiver, select a secure, convenient location inside your automobile that minimizes risk to your people and yourself while the vehicle is definitely in motion. Initial Installation Reconnect any wires removed from the negative terminal. Dc poweR cAble link Locate the energy input connection as close up to the transceiver as feasible. NOTE Meters o bi m age op emergency room At ió n Black The vehicIe battery must havé a nominal ráting of 12V.

Never connect the transceiver to a 24V battery pack. Initial Set up When the ignition key is turned to ACC or In(Start) placement Connect the DC energy cable to the controlled DC power source with the stereo changed off, the strength switch illuminates. The and ensure that the polarities are usually proper. (Red: positive, lighting will become switched off when the ignition essential is turned Black:negative).

Preliminary Installation Re also p l A ci nG N uSe T an impedance some other than 50Ω decreases the efficiency of the antenna system and can trigger disturbance to close by broadcast tv If the blend blows, determine the lead to, then appropriate the issue. Receivers, radio stations receivers, and various other electronic tools. Initial Set up AcceSSoRieS cable connections AntennaQCA-02 MicrophoneQHM-04 old flame teR nA l Spe Ak age Ur If you plan to use an exterior speaker, select a loudspeaker with an impédance of 8 Ω. The exterior speaker jack welcomes a 3.5 mm (1/8') mono (2-conductor) plug. Obtaining Acquainted Entrance pAnel Functionality set Essential In standby, press this crucial to enter function menu Power Press it to energy On /Off thé transceiver In stándby press to alter H/L energy for present Still left【LOW】Key sales channel.Long push it to change On/Off Talk Around Function d standby, press to switch between route Remaining【V/M】Key. Obtaining Acquainted Back screen NO. INdICATOR FUNCTION Shows the channel number and Menu amount.

Appears when present channel will be set Check Bypass Appears when present channel provides CTCSS Encode Appears when present channel provides CTCSS Decode Appéars when the Balance function can be ON Appears while sending. Getting Familiarised MIC Connection Diagram(in the front side view of connection) MicRophone Key Mat Serial Information DOWN MIC GND NO. KEY FUNCTION Boost frequency,approach quantity or environment value. Lower frequency, route amount or Lower setting worth. Press thé PTT (Push-T0-Talk) key to transmit.; the LCD displays 'Nice ANYTONE', after that counterclock-wise to decrease frequency. Every screen current rate of recurrence or route. Basic Operations reporter selector button, the channel amount fIashes in this This transcéiver can be set working on 2 UHF band or 2 VHF band.

Circumstance, the approach number will enhance 10 channels by each gear of Notice selector button. Press mike UP/Lower key also able to change ReceiVinG the sales channel. Shortcut Procedures Squelch degree Setup In channel setting, this procedure is definitely for short-term use only Notice his functionality is utilized to setup the strength of getting signal, when the stren gth achieve a specific degree, the contacting can be heard, in any other case, the Rate of recurrence Change transceiver will maintain silence. Shortcut Operations duAl wAtch for over 0.5 2nd, the stereo prompts 'DU DU', and LCD shows 'SKIP', and now In standby, hold key for more than 0.5 second to get into Dual Watch the present channel can be Scan Miss. The stereo will scan the sales channel in every 5 mere seconds. When the radio stations receives complement transmission, it hover near scanning until the signaling disappear. General Setting procedure actions of Functionality menu Push key to enter function menus.

Switch the Primary band selector knob to Push key to get into function menu. The LCD shows Turn the Main band selector knob to select wanted functionality. General Placing cpu clock FRequencY chAnGe This functionality is certainly auto-hidden in channel setting NOTE When ány harmonic or imagé frequency in the Processor clock disturbs the functioning frequency, convert on this function will reduce the disturbing VFo bAnd lockout Push essential to get into function menu.

General Environment Switch the Main band selector knob to choose wanted worth 5tone encode Select dTMF: indicates DTMF signaling is definitely added. Press key to get into function menus.

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2TONE: means DTMF signaling is usually added. Convert the Primary music group selector knob to choose No. General Setting Sub bAnd diSplAY Setup Press the Main band selector knob or essential to store worth and back again to function menu. Press key or keep selector button for Press essential to get into function menu. Over 0.5 second to shop setup and get out of. Switch the Primary music group selector knob to choose No. Common Setting When the selected group is vacant, the dtMF encode sending period LCD shows '-' Push key to enter function menus.

Press the selector knob to enter the DTMF signaIing edit. Thé LCD Change the Primary music group selector button to screen '- - - - - -', the final character flashes. Common Setting Press the Main band selector knob or key to shop value and Press crucial to get into function menu. Back again to function menu. Press essential or keep selector knob for Change the Major music group selector button to over 0.5 second to shop set up and get out of. Select No 18 menus. General Environment Push the Major music group selector button or essential to store value and DT means DTMF, displays 5T methods 5TONE, displays 2T back again to function menu.

Press essential or keep selector button for more than means 2TONE. In VFO mode, long press this key, the step 0.5 second to store set up and departure. General Environment keYpAd lockout Squelch degree Setup Press key to enter function menu. Press essential to get into function menus. Turn the Primary band selector knob to Convert the Main band selector knob to select No 23 menu.

The LCD shows 'SQL' select No 21 menus. General Environment Push the selector button to confirm current personality and start edit Sub bAnd Silence Setup following character, after editing all 7 people, press the selector knob To prevent the receiving of bass speaker band distressing the conversation of the tó edit and back to function menu. General Setting RF Squelch degree Setup Check out live tiMe Setup When squelch degree function is on, you can terminate squelch only when Push essential to get into function menus. The signal strength achieve the level set up by users. Switch the Primary band selector knob to Push key to enter function menus.

General Setting quantity and regularity.If press essential, it will modify to VFO The modified station shall end up being designed as P Check before making use of Priority mode. Channel check out function. Take note Press the Main band selector button or essential to shop value and back to functionality menu. General Setting function. The LCD shows 'dTMF Id' Press the Main band selector button or essential to shop value and Press the Primary music group selector knob to back to function menu.

Press essential or hold selector button for over enter functionality setup. The LCD will show the DTMF self ID. 0.5 2nd to store set up and get out of. General Environment Limited: Narrow music group (12.5KHz) essential to shop value and back again to functionality menu. Push essential or keep Push the Major band selector knob or selector knob for more than 0.5 2nd to store setup and departure. Crucial to shop worth and back again to functionality menu.

General Setting VhF outside SpeAkeR slot AM Function When the functionality set up as exterior (EXT), an external Dual Track Press key to get into function menus. Speaker (SP-02) must be connected in purchase to hear the phoning on VHF. Switch the Main band selector button to The phoning from VHF and UHF are usually divided in 2 monitors. Microphone Procedure when the LCD displays'-', means minus counter. This functionality is valid just when current channel set with offset rate of recurrence.

NOTE DOWN : Numeric Secrets Primary/Sub band switch Lower: Output power setup, in standby, push the essential programmed as as LOW functionality will alter the lower degree.When LCD displays Large, the transmitting strength on current channel is definitely high. Mike Procedure REV: In standby, press the crucial programmed CALL OUT: Calling, in standby, press the as 'REV' functionality to turnon or switch off Talk key programmed as 'CALL Out there' function to Around function. Transmit pre-programméd DTMF, 2TONE, 5TONE program code. House: House channel change, in standby press the important programmed COMP: Compander functionality in standby, press the crucial programmed as 'House'. Wire Duplicate This function will copy the programmed data and variables in the expert device to slave models.

It duplicates the variables and storage program configurations. Use elective CP51 cloning cable connection, link the wire between the information jacks on both master and servant. Press and hold key, after that press essential to enter into cloning setting, LCD displays 'CLONE'. Development Software Installing and Starting (in windows XP program) Two times click on ”QPS588UV set up.exe“, after that follow the installing coaching. InStAll uSb cAble motorist pRoGRAMMe 图1 Click start menus in pc, under “ALL PROGRAMS” menu, choose and cIick “USB To Cóm pórt” in QPS588UV program, install “USB Tó Com port”. Servicing tRouble Filming Problem Problem Possible Leads to and Possible Solutions (a) Power will be on, nothing + and - polarities of energy connection are usually reversed. Connect red business lead to plus appears on Display.

Terminal and dark prospect to minus airport of DC strength supply. Check and solve problem ending in broken blend and replace blend with fresh (w) Fuse is offered.

Customer Reviews Anytone Dual Music group Radio stations By Nathan Been enjoying with the radio stations for a day or two and thought I would article a evaluation. First away from, great consumer service! Stereo is certainly of fairly decent develop quality. The just issue I could comment negatively about it can be the plastic defensive sleeve for the microphone plug, it doesn't very meet as conveniently as I would including. The faceplate is certainly removable and a standard Kitty5 cable extends from the device quite efficiently.

Programming software program only required a few minutes to shape out there,and it was quite literally put and play. Being able to alter all of 'default' energy on settings through the software is wonderful. Programming through the nobs/control pad can be not difficult, simply a little period consuming. I'michael not really an professional when it comes to confirming on regularity drift etc etc, however with some simple assessments on a house constructed j-pole antenna, I'michael getting great audio quality reviews on transmit, and pretty good audio high quality on receive bóth on UHF ánd VHF. Only one want list product, would become a courtesy firmness on tránsmit with the cróssband repeater functionality. My current frequencies designed are usually both Broad band HAM and narrow band General public Safety, and the stereo sounds great on both.N3DEW Good transmit rate of recurrence range By Stan As a seasonal Forest Assistance employee, I like being able to maintain in get in touch with with FS Dispátch in my P0V, something some limited runs of the various other 'title brand name' radios would not permit me to do. I agree with the fact the mic cable could end up being a little bit longer, but have remedied that problem with a 36 inches M/F RJ-45 extension cable.

Also concur the materials for the mind bracket requires to be heavier gauge. Apart from thát, it's á excellent stereo and I program to purchase two even more. Great Radio By George Getting ended up a pig for 32 years and also having owned many VHF/UHF radios of many every brand I am truly amazed with this device. The transmitter result equals or exceeds specifications and the receiver is really popular.

I possess got NO intermod. I possess tried it on réceive in the pig bands and general public service as well as the 220 Mhz receive and it can be impressive. Include to this 700+ storage channels and cross-band do it again and you simply cannot beat it, cost not even regarded as. If you think about the cost, nicely, you will become more than satisfied. Now to customer service. Male impotence and Transfer Communications will be certainly a uncommon breed.

You will by no means have an issue ignored, ignored or still left by the waysidé. And he ánd his entity will end up being completely reasonable and super fast in their activities and response. In this time of pay out, wait bother and where you are usually simply a number, Ed offers raised the bar to what it should be. It comes down to trust and a motivation to help. Ed and his business do that and even more. If you think you can get a radio a several dollars cheaper from 'overseas' nicely you can.

Would I do it? The savings are usually NOT worth the security of having Import Comm. Simply an e-mail away. 73, George N5NNS (In5 No Non Feeling) Much better than I expected! By Michael Received radio stations, programmed via stock software and viá Chirp with nó issues. Worked well my regional repeaters with reviews of quite good sound. Even worked.52 simplex stations that I couldn't function with other cellular radios.

Excellent conversation from Ed made this purchase a very pleasing experience. Great Radio By Adam Ur I also possess a Yaesu FT-7900 with single display.Like theAT 5888 UV stereo with the alpha dog numeric display instead of just the regularity.As shortly as I was capable I have always been going to buy another and market my Yaesu. My first mobile radio stations By Put on As the name suggests, this was my initial ever buy of a UHF/VHF mobile Pig rig. Everything about this radio has been recently great. I possess 4 problems about this stereo; 1) The fat of the personas on the display (I want they were a little thickér), 2) the increasing bracket for the face plate is definitely wimpy (face dish wobbles around a bit), 3) the mic cable is extremely firm and as well brief, and 4) I desire the mic wire connected into the front of the encounter plate, rather than the aspect. My stereo is remote control installed in a 2010 Nissan Xterra.

The primary entire body of the radio is mounted in the far back best cubby hole where I have a 20 amp cigarette lighter outlet. Yes, I have always been running this radio on a cigarette lighter outlet with a Radio Shack solderless put (The encounter plate will be mounted simply forward of the shift lever on top of the center console. I have got a 15 feet Cat-5 system cable linking the base to the face plate. Because of the short and rigid mic cable connection, pulling on the microphone flexed the encounter place position group a lot. To cure this, furthermore from Radio Shack, I purchased a female-female system connector and added 3 foot of Cat-5 wire to the mic wire. Problem resolved!

Overall performance: Therefore far, therefore great! I've made mobile-to-base simplex contacts over 35 mls aside with great clearness and sensitivity.

Changing between the active and stand up by frequency is super simple. The controls on the mike are well put down out. The menus functions can be a little cumbersome in a cellular because the menu knobs are so close to the display, your hands often conceals the display. The crossband repeater functions very perfectly. The loudspeaker in the mike can be a little bit vulnerable. The loudspeaker in the entire body of the stereo is ok, but because óf where I have got the body installed, I had to buy a remote speaker, which will be seated under the drivers seat. Between thé mic and thé additional speaker, I have plenty of audio now.

I haven't acquired a possibility to play with the airband Was receive as of yet, but with the up arriving airshow season, I'm setting up to utilize that feature to its fullest. This radio as a great deal heading on. I've got my radio stations for several months today and I'm still learning all of the features and functions. The single biggest piece of advise I can provide about this radio is strategy on programming it through a Personal computer. Although encoding from the top panel is possible, it's á little cryptic ón how to store a frequency in memory.

So much so that I nevertheless don't know how, also after reading through through the manual a few times today. Yes, I would suggest you buy this stereo. In truth, I want on buying a 2nd one for make use of at the home on a 50 feet tower. Extremely much worth the money, in my viewpoint. Lastly, say thanks to you Male impotence for the excellent customer service!

It'h constantly a enjoyment doing business with you. Functions Great By Richard I obtained the radio and on a quick look of the Manual I thought OMG!! Feel I ever heading to end up being able to amount this thing out there? Well, after diving in it's not that bad. The programing is fairly straight forward. Install in my automobile was very much simpler than other radios I've set up in the history and it appears to end up being operating great therefore far. The sound is much better than several very costly radios I've acquired in the former including the big “M” brand.

On transmit I have acquired on reports of any signal problems and it strikes all the repeaters I need throughout the Valley. All in all a great little radio stations for a excellent cost. I want they experienced these out decades ago because they would have got ended up in every item of apparatus in our place. BTW - Ed is excellent to offer with and quite responsive to the clients.

Great Radio for the Cost! Hard to beat anyplace! By Daniel I obtained one of thése radios after hearing one on the air, Great Cost! And includs a complete Separation Kit, USB Programming Cable and Software program. The Open up Source programming software “Chirp” functions properly with this stereo (obtain Chirp day-to-day improvements).

I'll be focusing mainly on functions exclusive to this radio stations and not really often discovered on many radios in its class. Some low score reviews can end up being discovered on the internet, where the issue described seem to be a “Birdie” (a false or phantom sign). A common concern in many contemporary radios as they possess little but effective microprocessors inside that can sometimes emit undesirable signals. This radio, unlike most has a excellent feature known as “CPU Time clock Frequency Change” discovered on Menus #06 CLKSFT. It enables you to change the CPU frequency to assist eliminate, decrease or at minimum shift any “Birdies” that may conflict with the recipient. Get 'Level of sensitivity' will be significantly above normal, excellent for weak signal function.

Like many radios made today, the 'Selectivity' is definitely only average. I'michael currently tests it as a foundation radio and I'm only a several miles away from a really RF energetic mountain top with several repeaters and tv producers, and haven't got any problems. The Silence feature on Menus #25 works well but provides a small speaker place sound when both rings are receiving, not a large offer. The loudspeaker is great, loud and very clear. CTCSS DCS Decode is certainly very quick. Transmitter functions nicely.

Anytone At 588 Programming Software

It can make proper RF power output (+/-5%) depending on source voltage, simply like many radios in its class with 4 Power Amounts, VHF: (Great=50W) (Mid1=20W) (Mid2=10W) (Lower=5W) UHF: (Great=40W) (Mid1=25W) (Mid2=10W) (Lower=5W). The radio stations is definitely 2013 Thin music group compliant (2.5KHz deviation), really important to anyone who might need if for make use of on industrial and/or open public protection frequencies. There is definitely a small and relatively quiet cooling enthusiast on the back of the rig that helps maintain it cool, specifically for those lengthy transmissions. The transmit Audio is nicely equalized and noises very great, not overdriven, not really tin-penny and not really muffled. Bóth CTCSS DCS éncode at the correct ranges. Another rare feature (undocumented in the manual), generally available just on more costly business or public safety radios and can be recognized by many terms like “Squelch Tail Elimination“, Anti Squelch Crash”, Change Burst, etc. When making use of repeaters equipped with suitable decoders (most commercially made machines), that require a CTCSS or DCS transmission to access, this radio transmits the correct signal that causes the repeater to mute the do it again sound before the sign falls.

A basic explanation of how it works. The stereo proceeds to transmit for a few milliseconds after you launch the PTT button, while the radio stations transmits the proper signal to the repeater that leads to the squelch silence to employ before the sign ends. This provides the repeater a extremely smooth and quiet sound and makes prolonged use very comfy as you gained't hear any squelch noise, except on rare occasions. Many repeaters can achieve a very similar muting audio via an audio delay board in the repeater controller. The Mike has many advanced functions.

Back-lighting is usually above average and lighting can end up being transformed through the menu along with the lighting and background colour of the display. You can select 32 ranges for each of the 3 colours (Red, Blue, Environment friendly) for the screen color. The mike provides 2 separate LED's clearly suggesting which music group your on, (A or even C) and 2 multi-color LED's, Environment friendly for Received indication, Crimson while transmitting. The band select key can be large and back-lit blue, easy to find, large PTT and UP/Straight down buttons. Of course it provides a full 16 switch DTMF encoder ánd 4 of the keys can be designated for many functions like Strength Output, Repeat/Simplex, Change/Input Keep track of and others. It also has a little speaker inside the Microphone (not really noisy, but okay), great for occasions you possess a lot of distracting history noise and you would like to listen to the radio stations, controlled through the Menus.

Overall, the Microphone has a great look, great fat and seems like a professional/ industrial Mic. Compander function Menu #17 Compensation works properly. Mostly used when working in narrow band setting.

It helps minimize noise and increase the powerful variety of your tone of voice, best utilized just when various other stations help Companding. The words Compander / Companding is certainly basically a linguistic blend of the phrases, Compressing and Expanding. Cross Band Repeat feature will be fantastic! Menus #44 X-RPT. The audio high quality is simply because good as it will get.

It't a great concept to fixed the time-out-timer, Menus #41 TOT to a realistic time restriction to ensure you don't overheat thé rig. If yóur going to use this with repeaters that possess long suspend periods and/or long discussions, consider making use of an extra (bigger) exterior cooling fan. The entire body of the radio stations will be the temperature sink and is well made, as the fins are usually facing up, which helps a excellent offer for proper warmth dissipation. The radio stations has several more features, too several to describe in an preliminary evaluation, you'll become delighted. If you are usually evaluating this radio stations to the Yaesu Foot-8800 or Feet-8900 Dual Band mobile radio, the screen looks equivalent, but many everything else is certainly very different, all for about $150 much less. By Steven I cannot include much even more than the additional reviewers. The only factor I've observed is certainly the mic can be HOT(Audio).

Making use of a Baofeng HT for therefore long obtained me in the routine of almost eating the mic. I've got to understand how to back off from thé mic with this radio stations. Firmware needs a several tweeks By Chad I have to concur with all the some other reviewers of this radio stations. Great sound, hears better thán my ts-2000. I like that you can furthermore get the Atmosphere music group.

My only complaint is definitely that you can not use the inverted frequency functionality if the radio stations display is in route or title setting, it provides to be in regularity mode. It furthermore would have got been fine if you could have produced the programming to possess 440 on the 'N' side only, or both like it is certainly today.

I wish the Producer says some of this and probably arrives up with á firmware mod. Absolutely AWESOME Radio stations! By Dave Been a Pig since the '60s - Contact indication WB2ANR - this will be the best stereo I've had, and I've acquired some true DIYs like a Navy blue RBM-4 and ARC-3 transmitter. The stereo is simple to use as soon as you study the manual and have fun with with it a few days. The greatest feature is that the radio stations can be separated from the head, and they link jointly with standard Internet cables (RJ-45, Kitty 5 ot CAT 6) which are cheap and are all over the place. I set up this radio in my Jeep TJ - see:.

. Output Energy: 60W/25W/10W. 100 programmable alpha-numeric memory space stations+ Call channel,. CTCSS/DCS/5-Color decodes and encodes. Four different single-tone pulse frequencies. CTCSS/DCS check out.

Compander to reduce noise. Theft alarm.

ANI function(DTMF/ANI,5-Tone/ANI) PTT ID.