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Home / News / Acura Navigation DVD – Hack & Torrent Downloads. Acura Navigation DVD – Hack & Torrent Downloads. June 28, 2012 By GPSBites Leave a Comment. Drivers of the Acura range of luxury motor vehicles from Honda tend to have the in-built dashboard GPS in the car. The Acura Navigation System is renowned as being very accurate and offers superb voice activated GPS navigation using turn.

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  • Hi there, I am currently trying to copy the acura navteq dvd for the 2003 and the 2008. These are both dual layer disks and I have tried with dvddecrypter and it will rip an iso no problem - both dvddecrypter and nero set to dvd-rom.
  • Navigation updates for Acura navigation system. We are constantly expanding navigation coverage in order to meet your driving needs.

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Banner Picture/Car Details Car: Lancia Martini 037 First Group M Rally Vehicle Photographer: Resource/Article/Info. I obtained an e-mail this morning hours providing an update dvd movie for my acura's i9000 factory navigation system. This vehicle will be a 2010 design yr which probably offers 2009 calendar year data. I make use of the factory nav often more than enough and it's tested to become quite reliable but i'm not sure if having to pay $99 US to upgrade it will be beneficial. I also have a new android telephone whose selection system is certainly great and generally up to time (at least when there's a data connection available) but i choose using the dashboard system since it't easier and safer to stick to while generating. Offers anyone else purchased these dvd up-dates before, specifically for past due model acuras?

Can you comment on whether it up-dates any of the selection program firmware or simply the underlying information? I'michael not super interested in torrenting a duplicate of this and heading through all thé gyrations to burn off it onto a dvd myself simply to save a hundred dollars, so that idea isn't really appealing. Thanks for the suggestions. Seems like you wear't need to do the work to get it 'free of charge' so its lower to how very much is definitely it worthy of to you to update it. You won't get your $ back again when you market it in ór ánything, but it wouId become great to possess some more up to date restaruants or highways. Sad thing is definitely that it's worthy of the $ to make investments that into a 7' contact pad that you could attach in entrance of it and make use of newer road directions from the 'net. Best tips I could provide you will be go appearance in a TL forum and ask the exact same if anyone has performed the update, to see if it shifts anything worth thé $.

I cán't speak for Acuras, but I got (didn't purchase firsthand, fortunately) the upgrade disc in 2011 for my 07 BMW, and I'd say it had been hardly worth it. /corel-draw-9-tutorials-in-urdu.html. It only updated the routes and POIs, and-at minimum in my area-still had mapping errors: missing streets, roads that don'testosterone levels exist, wrong POI locations. One road in particular was transformed in actual life nicely over 10 decades ago and the updated nav disk still had the old construction.

I figured I'd get the revise to fix these errors, but they continued to be. Associated but not helpful.: I had to update my firmware ón my nav fór my Audi á several decades to upgrade the software to accommodate an AUX put that newer versions with the same nav system had stock.

I didn't need brand-new maps, only the firmware that has been set up when you first put the new disk in. Soon after, I went back to my old maps disc. When Audi informed me they wouldn't enable me under guidance to place one of the dvds they had obtainable at the dealership into my car's dash, checked, for 2 mins, and that I'g have to spend a few hundred bucks, I told them to go fuck themselves and huntéd around until l discovered someone with a disc I has been permitted to borrow for a several mins. It wasn't value it to mé for the fresh maps + ability to run AUX insight, but if you can discover some comparable, hardware kind of benefit, perhaps you can much better justify upgrading. The routes alone certainly aren't though.